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Arthritis Ireland

Arthritis Ireland was established in 1981. It is the only national charity dedicated to further Research and Education for this common condition. The Foundation relies entirely on voluntary contributions. The success of our programmes depends solely on the money raised by the Foundation. Over the last decade, Arthritis Ireland has been to the forefront in providing financial support for Irish researchers. The AFI have invested in excess if 650,000 in supporting arthritis research projects. Arthritis affects approximately 13% of every population in the Western World. Huge sums of money have been invested into studies of how the disease occurs and how it might be treated or even prevented. Progress may appear to be slow for arthritis patients waiting for 'the cure' but because of well designed scientific research remarkable advances have been made in our understanding of the basic disease mechanisms and of potential therapeutic approaches. The Foundation is continuing to fund research into arthritis in Ireland. The long term aim is to find a cure for the disease but along the way research projects funded increase out understanding of the disease and so improve treatment given.

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