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Jack and Jill Childrens Foundation

The Jack & Jill Children's Foundation helps alleviate the very distressful suffering experienced by tiny babies born with severe developmental delay until they reach the age of four years. Today the sad reality in Ireland is that succour for children under four years of age and their families is at best underdeveloped and at worst non-existent. Apart from the obvious trauma and exhaustion the parents of these little babies suffer, they then have to cope with the bureaucratic demands of the State. Nothing is offered willingly, rather it has to be fought and begged for. The prime aim of the Department of Health is to protect budgets at all costs and never set precedents. The protection of the State funds is a greater priority than the needs of the family. It is also apparent that the simpler the circumstance of the family, the more uncaring the attitude of many of the officers of the State. This leads to a situation where the Foundation not only has to raise funding of 1.6 million per annum but must act, a medical card, correct housing, special equipment or a primary medical certificate. These are all due to eligible children but very often are delayed until the intervention of the Foundation which has provided early respite care to over 500 children and their families all over Ireland since 1997.

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