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In 1981 CASA was founded by a group of volunteers. Its central purpose was the development of friendships, through social events, for all its members. Now, 27 years later in 2008, we celebrate the fact that we still adhere to that same purpose, friendship. Starting from a small number of groups the network expanded. Today local groups exist throughout Dublin, Cork, Longford, Maynooth with a recent addition in Swords. Over the years CASA friends have shared innumerable social events, holidays, respite breaks and pilgrimages to Lourdes. In 1989 CASA opened its first permanent respite house in Malahide and in 1999 a second house was purchased in Swords. CASA Breakhouses was formed to manage the respite programme. The continued existence and success of this organisation is a tribute to the commitment of all its members and the support of families and people associated with CASA. We look forward with hope to facing the challenges and embracing the changes which the future holds for CASA.

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